Hindi Pandit In Bangalore

About Pandit Chaitanya Shastri

Myself is Pandit Chaitanya Shastri I am a North Indian Pandit in Bangalore and a PHD (sanskrit) aspirant and a Ved Pathi shishya of sri Dharacharya Maharaj (Asarfi Bhavan Ayodhya Dham) currently living in Bangalore. I have a very good knowledge in all kinds of Hindu/vaidik rituals and puja.

I have been performing all the Puja/Anusthans since I was 13 years old. I have good knowledge of all the puja, anushthans and rituals related to all north indian states including UP,  Bihar, Rajasthan, MP, Delhi, UK,Haryana and so on. Therefore I will be suitable for all your requirements related to Hindi Pandit in Bangalore . I have been there in almost every north Indian State for Bhagwat katha and other vaidik anushthans therefor I am familiar with every states puja and rituals. I can perform all the north Indian states Puja anusthans in true and as per vedik methods.

We also have a group of Marwadi Pandit, Garhwali Pandit and gujarati, Marathi Pandit in Bangalore to serve.

Now a days it is hard to find a decent Hindi Pandit in Bangalore for playing out a Hindu puja who can perform the same in a right way and as per the particular state and vaidik rituals, particularly in huge urban communities like Bangalore. as I am not associated to any commercial website or company so my Dakshina is purely meant for my work and survival.

For all over Bangalore, You can contact me directly through the contact details mentioned in the site for north Indian Pandit in Bangalore.
I will be there at your door in a single call, you can contact me for different pujas including Grih Pravesh (house warming), Engagement,Muhurat, fixing Marriage,Mool Shanti,Satyanarayan katha (Specially performed in UP/bihar),Rudrabhishek, BhoomiPuja,Saraswati Puja,Naankaran, New Office opening puja, Durga Puja, Mahamrityunjay Jap, Kalsharpdosh Niwaran and all kinds of Havan anushthans.
I have unmistakable fascination in all sorts of Puja/Anushthans and have a decent knowledge in the equivalent.